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The Story of Our Sauces and Menu

Our grandmas (paternal and maternal) are the real heroes of this story. Before 20 years, they had dreamed of opening their own cooking business, as cooking was their forte. However, they could not decide which cooking business to start, whether to open a restaurant, café shop, or a deli. Suddenly, one day, two girls came to them to learn tomato sauce for which both the grandmas were famous in our locality.


Well, that was it! After learning that the locality admires them for their spicy tomato sauce, they both came to a decision of opening a sauce factory, which was not a very common notion at that time for sure. Soon, the entire idea was kept in front of my family whose joy then had no bounds with such a less common business idea. The entire family came together to turn this dream into a lasting reality. While the finance and other setup help came from even far family members, the menu was still a question mark though.

Now, the second challenge on the journey to the current sauce factory was to decide which sauces to serve. Everybody came up with different options but the grandmas were still feeling that something is lacking. After a lot of brainstorming, they thought of coming up with a hybrid menu that had traditional options, modern delicacies, and hybrid innovations. They decided to keep this menu dynamic so it can be expanded with at least one new sauce in a year. Well, this is perhaps the most interesting, unique, and catchy part of our sauce factory. You never know when the menu has a new surprise for you!


We have retained this custom of adding a new invention even today. This is perhaps what keeps our customers coming back with new sauce fans who then become our loyal customers.

Smokin’ BBQ Sauce

$4.95 per bottle


A tangy twist that is free of gluten and low in fat to chill your taste buds with chilly heat. Although classic, it has a modern touch of exotic ingredients, including the Thai chilly, that add to that smoky effect in the most surprising manner. Experience this when you taste it!


Creamy Pepper Sauce

$4.95 per bottle


This is also a gluten-free sauce that has the heat of pepper and creamy texture of any other sauce. The peppercorns are the core ingredients, which are lightly roasted in a creamy tomato sauce made spicy with exotic spices.

Black Bean Sauce

$4.95 per bottle


Are you health conscious and yet want to have a genuine saucy taste? If yes, then go for this one! You also take away one surprise punch: This traditional stir fry recipe is no longer traditional with our recipe, as we have included some unexpected herbs to make it truly healthy and wealthy in terms of taste and texture.


The Signature Tomato Sauce

$4.95 per bottle


This is our signature recipe even today! Still made in the same way as the grandmas used to make, this sauce has won the hearts of countless adults and present teenagers. Thanks to their idea of including a unique blend of exotic spices!