About us


Use Of The Finest Ingredients

Everything that makes our sauce is meticulously chosen and adheres to safety rules.

A Healthier Recipe

Only healthy recipes come to you that retain your slim shape.

Innovative And Delectable

Our new innovations every time make our sauces tastier than before.

Modernly Traditional

Grandma’s taste with modern ingredients is what we specialize in!

We Are Hybrid Sauce Makers

The goodness of traditional sauce cooking, the richness of exotic ingredients, and the creaminess of modern textures – we ensure all of them in any sauce; such is our expertise!

The Sauce Factory of Innovative, Hybrid Flavors


It all started two decades ago when a family of six, including two grandmas, decided to start a sauce business confined only up to the local neighborhood. Today, we are a well-established sauce making as well as catering house that receive orders from across the country. The credit for this goes to our grandmas and the dynamic team of the family members who are crazy sauce fans.


The combination of their craze and passion for new innovations in sauces have made up open a new world of exotic sauces with a traditional touch and pioneering, delectable tastes. The grandmas have really trained us well on how to retain the traditional mastery of taste and efficiency while giving a modern look and feel, as the demand will always be dynamic. We are, thus, masters in constantly introducing new flavors using organic ingredients from local sources, which then become the hot favorite of several sauce fans across the nation.


Our clients are retail and food service industries. However, we also allow for direct wholesale trading from us. We understand our customers are also crazy fans who love to taste different or new varieties quite often.

Our Mission, Vision, Values, and Standards


Our vision is to keep introducing new delicacies in the world of sausages to keep the dynamic taste buds satisfied at any time. For this, it is our mission to keep doing RnD and think of more innovative ideas to bring up new types of sauces, even if it means giving a new look and taste to an existing one. With this mission to fulfill the vision, our hardworking team gets inspired as well as the energy to work in a more innovative manner.


Our values cover the entire ethical gamut that applies to any business on this planet. Keeping that in mind, our standards are also high. These are the standards of the national government for cooking, packaging, and catering services, which adhere to consumer health and safety. Whether it is for catering or not, we ensure that all our sauce packages strictly adhere to all of them.